Along your journey, you will learn powerful spells that will make your quest easier. Listed here are all the attainable spells, their GEM cost, and where to find them.

[For information on the Magic Bell, which negates the cost of casting magic, refer here.]

Flame Ball

Cost: 4 GEMs
Effect: Shoots a ball of fire in the direction you are facing.
Location:  Given to you by the Soul of Magician.

Light Arrow

Cost: 8 GEMs
Effect: Shoots four arrows of light in the four cardinal directions.
Location:  Given to you by a Crystal Fairy in the Fire Shrine.

Magic Flare

Cost: 8 GEMs
Effect: Hold the button to store energy. When released, the ring explodes and has three different power levels based on charge time.
Location:  Given to you by a mermaid on the left side of the big house in St. Elles.


Cost: 1 GEM per “sphere”
Effect: Summons a rotating sphere of energy. If the button is held down, a line of spheres will rotate around you. Each “sphere” costs 1 GEM.
Location:  Found in a chest in the northeast corner of Laynole Ice Field. Walk over a hidden bridge to find it.

Spark Bomb

Cost: 8 GEMs
Effect: Places 4 bombs on the ground which explode after a short time.
Location:  Given to you by a mouse in Leo’s Laboratory after leading the cats out of the room.

Flame Pillar

Cost: 20 GEMs
Effect: Places 4 pillars of fire on the ground, which disappear after a short time.
Location:  After attaining the Spirit Sword, return to Greenwood and defeat all the Fire Spirits in the first floor of the Light Shrine.


Cost: 8 GEMs
Effect: Summons a tornado which spins around and moves in random directions.
Location:  After attaining the Zantetsu Sword, return to Grass Valley and defeat all the Metagrinners in Leo’s Painting.


Cost: 2 GEMs
Effect: Fires a phoenix-shaped blast of fire each time the Soul Blade is swung.
Location:  Given to you by the Gnome King on the Mountain of Souls in exchange for the Red-Hot Items.