There are many rumors in the game of Soul Blazer. Listed below are just a few of them. If you have any interesting rumors to add, please contact our staff.

Shrine Snake

Take a look at this screenshot very closely. Is it just me or does this part of the Fire Shrine look like a snake with its tongue sticking out?

1 GEMs?

There really isn’t anything mysterious about this one; just odd that it would only contain a single GEM. Or should I say a single GEMs?

Mysterious Old Man

In the Mountain of Souls there is an old man you can talk to, and he will ask you to discuss some some things about humans with him. However, after that he doesn’t say anything to you! He asks you to come sit down and talk with him, and doesn’t say anything! Very strange…

A Little Too Early…

I thought this was kind of interesting. Sometimes if you release a monster lair too soon, certain things cannot be recalled yet, until you release something else. The screenshot shows a few examples.