There are many secrets in the game of Soul Blazer. Listed below are just a few of them. If you have any interesting secrets to add, please contact our staff.

 Secret Pass

In Grass Valley, there is a boy north of the water mill guarding a cave. He won’t let you through without a “Pass” which can be found underneath a sleeping tulip in the south-eastern end of Grass Valley. Just push the tulip to the side to find the Pass! However, when you are granted entrance to the cave, all there is to be found is a measly Secret Bottle. Return to the cave after defeating all the Metagrinners in Leo’s Painting though, and a Crystal Fairy will grant you with the Recovery Sword!

 Free Medical Herbs

In the Grass Valley Tool Shop, the proprietress will give you free herbs so long as you don’t already have one. You can also get free herbs from the Trio Show in Greenwood, the Mermaid’s Shop in St. Elles, the Plant outside the mouse-hole in Leo’s Laboratory, and from the maiden at the bar in Magridd Castle.

 Super Bracelet

An often-missed item, the Super Bracelet combines the abilities of the Power and Shield Bracelets. It can be found in the Queen’s house where she was standing before she dies. It comes in especially handy since you can acquire it right before you fight the Demon Bird!

 Store Your Herbs

In the attic in Leo’s Laboratory, there is an empty Chest of Drawers that asks you to store a Medical Herb inside of it. If you do, you can go get another herb to put in your inventory, but what purpose does this ultimately serve? Well, it does make the Chest very happy.

 Easy Leveling Up

At the start of World of Evil 3, there are three Rotating Walls that can be destroyed for 4000 EXP each! By walking into the warp pad behind you, and then returning you can net 12,000 EXP each time you re-enter the area. It’s not really necessary to level-up much higher than 25, but it sure is nice! Do you have the patience to reach the coveted Max Level 50?