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Stone Lion Heads

Here is some strategy to help you defeat the Stone Lion Heads.

Stone Lion Head

HP: 50 (each) – EXP: 30 (each)

[Video walkthough coming soon!]


This boss is a bit trickier, and is split into three parts. When fighting the Lightning Head, position yourself at its corner and attack with the tip of your blade. Its movements are stiff and four-directional, as are its short-ranged lightning attacks. Take more caution when fighting the Water Head, however, as it can change directions quickly. It’s water attack also acts as a projectile, leaving damaging pools wherever they land. For this boss, continue to focus on standing at its corners, but keep on the move. Standing still could cost you! For the final boss, the Fire Head, focus more on defense than offense. It moves at high speeds, and its fire attack moves in a straight line across the room. However, when it uses its attack, it stops for a brief moment. Use this as your opportunity to strike! If you proceed patiently and wait for the right opportunities, you should make it just fine.