There are eight mysterious emblems hidden throughout the game. Should you manage to find them all, you can exchange them for an item that allows you to cast magic without having to spend any GEMs! Listed here are all eight emblems, where to find them, and how to get the Magic Bell.

Emblem A

Once you have the Zantetsu Sword, go back to Leo’s Painting in Grass Valley and destroy all the remaining Metagrinners. To attain the Emblem, search the ground above the ivy you resurrected in the southeastern section of town.

Emblem B

After attaining the Soul of Reality, return to the Basement of the Castle. The Emblem lies in a previously invisible chest next to a group of spikes.

Emblem C

Go to Greenwood and talk to the squirrel on the second floor of the rightmost tree for the Emblem.

Emblem D

Once you have completed most of St. Elles, speak to the dolphin in the southwest area of town. He will carry you to a chest containing the Great Pearl. Next, go to the prison and enter the sleeping dolphin’s dream. After giving him the Great Pearl, a switch will appear for you to press which opens a passage in the Secret Cave, northeast of the Seabed. Go there to collect the Emblem.

Emblem E

In the Mountain of Souls, you will eventually free a snail into a room supposedly without entry. Walk directly through the southern section of the wall (where the torch is) and talk to the snail for the Emblem.

Emblem F

In the Mountain of Souls you will eventually release a sleeping mushroom. Go into its dream and press the switch to open a new path in the Underground Lake where the Emblem lies.

Emblem G

In Leo’s Laboratory, enter the southwest room on the first floor and push the dresser to the left to uncover a hidden Emblem.

Emblem H

In Magridd Castle, once the castle is rebuilt, cross the right bridge, but don’t enter the castle. Instead, walk into the grass to the left to find another hidden Emblem.

Magic Bell

After obtaining all the Master’s Emblems, travel to Greenwood and speak to a deer standing next to a stump in the southwestern section of town. Follow him to a tree, which he will strike, causing a Crystal Fairy to appear. She will give you the Magic Bell in exchange for all eight Emblems. The Magic Bell will reduce the cost of casting magic to 0 GEMs when equipped.